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Who we are

Saivi Seeds Pvt Ltd is a technocrat enterprise with an in-depth knowledge of crop science, local farming practices, and market realities as well.

With our 30+ years hands-on experience in South India across many segments and States, Saivi Seeds Pvt Ltd has a trailblazing track record of success both with established products and new cutting-edge technologies.

What We Do

In the complex field of Indian agriculture, a great product alone will not suffice. Personal rapport with channel partners/farming communities with a deep understanding of their strengths and limitations greatly helps in the successful introduction and scaling of any new product or technology.

The sales and distribution channels are unique as well. Acceptance at the channel level, again calls for a unique approach as well as a trust at the individual level. With our deep relationship with established as well as innovative channels, we are poised to introduce and establish market dominance of any new product or technology in the shortest possible timeframe and lowest possible operational cost.

Our Strategy

With 360-degree service, Saivi Seeds is a proven leader in Crop Science and Crop Protection technologies. Governed by fair and transparent policies and practices Saivi Seeds is renowned for its pragmatic approach be it the farmer or retailer or principal or employee.

As brand marketers for Chia Tai Seed Co., Bangkok, Thailand in South India, a phenomenal growth has been attained since 2013 thanks to the unstinted efforts by our product development team. Chia Tai Seeds Co., Thailand – a hitherto unknown seed company in Southern India was made known by the sales and marketing team.


Our Team

With an expert team of over 20 technicians, Saivi Seeds Pvt Ltd. covers entire South India with the same quality standard and ethical business practices.

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