Seeds Company in India

At Saivi seeds we have strong,dedicated and energetic network of sales and marketing team representing us panIndia. Their knowledge of the products and process is impeccable. Our sales team is passionate about their duties and consider themselves as brand ambassadors of the organisation. They work, hand in glove with our farmers, they handhold our growers to ensure success for both the customer and the organisation. Our marketing and sales team believes and follows the idea that ‘Success of our grower is the success of our organisation.

Growers and end-use customer’s satisfaction is at the focal point of our organisation. Hence, we provide unflinching support to them and make sure that under our guidance our clients achieve the best results. Our experts will have a hawk-eyed view during their visits to the fields. Whenever and wherever necessary, they involve all other departments’ viz. - marketing and sales, production and quality assurance, research & development, to see that our customer is satisfied. In fact we go one step ahead and call it “Customer delight”. If required, our marketing and sales team extend technical support to our clients at various stages like field selection, seed selection and cultivation. They go out of the way to ensure the success of all our stakeholders.