Seeds Company in India

At Saivi Seeds Research & Development is at the heart of our organisation; a generous portion of the annual budget is allocated for Research programmes. The company management comprises of Agri-technocrats who place a great deal of emphasis on the area of research and new product development. Research & Development division of the company is recognized by ICAR - Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bengaluru.

The Research and Development station spread over 17.50 acres area at Ranibennur (Taluk), Haveri (Dist), Karnataka, has requisite infrastructure facilities to carry out relevant breeding programmes in different vegetable crops. The asset of our Research & Development department is its qualified and well-experienced dedicated scientists and supporting staff. Headed by Dr. Prabhushankar H.R. M.Sc.(Ag), PhD., Director-Research, The team is relentlessly in the pursuit to improve the product and deliver the best to each of our stakeholders. Best quality products of Saivi Seeds Pvt Ltd are due to the long-term scientific breeding programmes supported by marker-assisted selections to speed up the breeding programme and large collection of germplasms sourced from diverse geographic locations for different vegetable crops.

Our research is market focussed and breeding programmes are designed and dedicated to the needs of vegetable growing farmers. To achieve this, breeders work closely with their counterparts from the vegetable seed industry.  After products are selected more field trials are conducted across the country and further data is gathered to test the suitability across regions. Multi-Location Trials (MLT) are conducted to check market acceptability, during these tests, farmers, as well as consumers, are involved. Thus, these tests reveal the suitability and adaptability of the hybrid/variety, across the country. This exercise helps us in building indigenous products that are specific to the diverse regions of the country. We are committed to deliver the highest standard of products to our growers. Research team does not stop its work after the launch of the product but continues to monitor the progress of the product until it is stabilised along with production and quality team.

Through the strong research programmes, the company’s goal is to introduce new high yielding vegetable hybrids with innovative traits through updated breeding technologies that will add value to the products. The Research and Development department also gives us the capacity to accelerate the pace of product development and introduce a broad range of innovative hybrids in the Indian and overseas market.